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  • Trina Dalton-Oogjes Trina Dalton-Oogjes (Wadawurrung, Gunditjmara), Interweaving Traditions: Hanging 3
  • Trina Dalton-Oogjes Trina Dalton-Oogjes (Wadawurrung, Gunditjmara), Interweaving Traditions: Hanging 3

Trina Dalton-Oogjes (Wadawurrung, Gunditjmara), Interweaving Traditions: Hanging 3

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porcelain, cotton fabric


30.7 x 28 x 1 cm

Collection of the artist


In my artwork Interweaving Traditions, I explored the rich cultural heritage of my Aboriginal ancestors by bringing together the art forms of weaving and ceramic clay works. It celebrates the creativity, ingenuity, and profound connection to nature that and my ancestral traditions. The art of weaving holds deep significance to me. It represents my connection between family, country, and ancestral knowledge. These intricate patterns and techniques, have been passed down through my family, with stories and wisdom for hundreds of years. This tradition is symbolised through the use of natural fibres, such as grass, reeds, or plant materials, which carry a sense of harmony and sustainability. I see my ceramic clay works to be a testament to the resourcefulness and adaptability of my Aboriginal ancestors. By molding clay from the land and transforming it into artistic expressions, we honoured the earth's abundant offerings. Pottery, sculptures, and vessels served practical, spiritual, and ceremonial purposes, bridging the gap between the physical and spiritual worlds. My artwork seeks to intertwine these two ancestral art forms, highlighting the shared threads that connect them. It brings together the delicate and flexible textures of woven elements against the solid and timeless presence of ceramic clay creations. The fusion of these materials represents the harmonious relationship between human existence and the earth, emphasising the importance of sustainability and honouring cultural heritage. Through my artwork, I pay homage to the resilience and creativity of my Aboriginal ancestors, reclaiming their legacy in the contemporary art world. The interweaving techniques symbolise the interconnectedness of diverse cultures, fostering dialogue, understanding, and appreciation for the richness of my families traditions. It is a tribute to the ongoing dialogue between past and present, inviting viewers to reflect on the enduring wisdom of Aboriginal ancestors and the importance of integrating ancestral practices into our modern lives.


Artist Bio

Trina Dalton-Oogjes
(Wadawurrung, Gunditjmara)
Pronouns: she/her
b. 1961, based on Dja Dja Wurrung Country

Trina Dalton-Oogjes is a proud Wadawurrung and Gunditjmara woman and a contemporary Aboriginal artist. Her creative practice is the way that she remains connected to her heritage and culture, and to her ancestors who have passed. They have shared their cultural knowledge of weaving and painting with her, which has allowed Trina to build her gift of telling stories through art. Trina enjoys many forms of creative practice, from fibre weaving to painting and ceramics. She also works with burning designs on possum skin cloaks and wood. Through Trina’s art, she shares stories of spiritual connection to her culture, people and land. It is this cultural knowledge that Trina shares with her family and community.

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