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  • Matthew Chilly Matthew Chilly (Wiradjuri, Wemba Wemba, Madi Madi, Yorta Yorta, Wadi Wadi, Barapa Barapa and Gubbi Gubbi with ties to the New Zealand Iwi’s), Dantjutkupna

Matthew Chilly (Wiradjuri, Wemba Wemba, Madi Madi, Yorta Yorta, Wadi Wadi, Barapa Barapa and Gubbi Gubbi with ties to the New Zealand Iwi’s), Dantjutkupna

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kangaroo tail, raffia, wood, cowrie shells, feathers, 2023


Dantjutkupna (Darn-jute-koup-nar) means Kangaroo in Yorta Yorta language. I created this traditional regalia (Emu Feather Neck Cuff) with a Kangaroo skin. Representing my culture and connection to Country, to the Land, Sea and Sky. Keeping my ancestors spirits alive, weaved into my art, who guide me today, on the land of my forefathers and mothers whose lore, customs and ceremonies have preserved this great land since man and woman awoke from the great dreaming.


Artist Bio:

Cultural and Aboriginal artistic traditions are the subject of Matthew Chilly’s artistry. He was born in Mildura and was raised in Robinvale on Muthi Muthi and Dadi Dadi Country. Matthew grew up in a large family, surrounded by family members who encouraged his talent, seeing his natural talent for the creative arts. Matthew is a self-motivated, ambitious and proud multi-clan nation man, with ties to the Wiradjuri, Wemba Wemba, Muthi Muthi, Yorta Yorta and Gubbi Gubbi Tribes. Matthew also has ancestry with Maori Iwi’s in New Zealand. Matthew has a passion to nuance his art in many forms. Working with oils and acrylics on canvas, bringing to life rich tones that they provide to give a strong physical and cultural presence. Igniting a spark of life and beauty with each art piece, telling its own story of the connection to Country, the dreaming and the journey the Ancestors made and paved the way for all Aboriginal people today.

Matthew developed an appetite, a desire and a dream for the arts when he was young and realised he could draw, paint and create. Matthew lives his culture every day, through Art, Weaving, Smoking Ceremonies, Coiling, Dancing, and producing Cultural regalia. He learnt how to work with fibers at a young age, and taught himself how to make Macramé wall hangings and dreamcatchers, etc. Matthew has also won numerous NAIDOC Awards for ‘Artist of the Year’. Matthew has built upon his own capacity by studying Certificate III for Aboriginal Art & Design, Business Management, Basic Knowledge & Skills in Photography and also later went on and achieved a certificate IV in Community Services and more. Matthew finds art in all things and in the world around him and he finds ways to explore and use those things within his work whether it be through digital, acrylic, natural fibers or sketch artworks. He connects to his Culture and Heritage to gather knowledge from Elders to produce his unique pieces of Art. Matthews photography and film production skills are excellent and he is often sought out for Weddings, Birthdays and other special occasions and uses a drone for quality aerial images as well.

In short, Matthew lives and breathes his art and is available for commission at request.