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  • Brayden Williams Brayden Williams (Waradjuri, Yorta Yorta), KJW - A Journey of Inspiration

Brayden Williams (Waradjuri, Yorta Yorta), KJW - A Journey of Inspiration

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pencil on paper, 2023


I started this artwork at Uncle Grants at a time where a change in life was needed. The story comes from my name, name is everything in life who I am is my identity. Having my first son named Kevin John Henry Williams, my name Brayden Kevin John Williams my farther Kevin John Williams and my Grandfather Kevin John Williams, 4 lines of KJW.

You must be worthy of your ancestry, honouring yourself is honouring your family. Fist represent who I am and the strength in my family the same hands I fight with are the same I hold my children with. My children are with me always and the necklace was given to me after dancing with a Tribal Indian fulla named Tony GhostHawk. It is a warriors necklace and I carried it through my life with me. The picture has been on a journey and tells the story of a dream I had where we come from and what I've endured and where I'm going together with my family


Artist Bio:

I am a Koorie fulla born in Echuca. Waradjuri, Gunnia and Yorta Yorta proud of who I am and where I come from. Every line on the artwork has a purpose and I am an artist who takes his time. I draw from a place where I have dreams and heavily inspired from my father having grown up around significant and meaningful artwork.

Inspired from the times I've spent with my family, Nan Lucy, Nan Williams, my Grandfather and my Aunty Judith. All roads I have walked have led me here to this space in my life where I can do my artwork. I am an artist that is sincere to my story and who I am, where I come from, and the artwork I do come from inside of me.