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  • Annie Brigdale Annie Brigdale (Yorta Yorta), Woven

Annie Brigdale (Yorta Yorta), Woven

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synthetic polymer paint on paper, 2023


In this painting "Woven," I wanted to capture the connection of the women in my family, like a woven basket, representing their creativity and the way their stories are interwoven together.

Using imperfect, bold brushstrokes, I aimed to show the resilience and the strength these woman carry. Each stroke of paint is like a thread, carefully woven to represent the depth and complexity of their experiences. The colors I used celebrate their Country and cultural heritage, radiating energy and vitality.

"Woven" is also a reminder of the importance of reconnection. It shows how essential it is to honor our ancestors and their path and embrace the wisdom passed down through generations. This painting reflects the unity and love shared among these women, showcasing their collective journey of growth and empowerment.


Artist Bio:

Annie Brigdale, a Yorta Yorta woman, draws strength and wisdom from the remarkable Yorta Yorta women who came before her. Her art has always been an avenue for connection to Country and family, with inspiration flowing from the Murray and Ovens rivers where she spends her time.

Annie's creative path is entwined with her journey of self-discovery and embracing her authentic identity. Through visual art, painting, and ceramics, she learns the value of listening, observing, and nurturing personal growth.

Her journey is in harmony with creativity and cultural exploration, deeply rooted in her connection to the land. Annie strives to honor her heritage, telling her family story and create a lasting legacy for her children and future generations to cherish.