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  • Jenine Godwin-Thompson Jenine Godwin-Thompson (Yaggera), Placescapes- Country n Connections

Jenine Godwin-Thompson (Yaggera), Placescapes- Country n Connections

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synthetic polymer paint on canvas, 2023


A dedication to the Kulin Nations. Placescapes- Country n Connections is the artist's interpretation of the many Aboriginal lands that connect and make up the beautiful state of Victoria. I love the natural architecture of Country, and paint to capture the topographical layers of Country. My mapping or Placescapes is a way to illustrate the earth's contours and tones, to depict our Country's once natural rugged beauty, including landscapes such as water areas, hills and mountains – typically used culturally for many Aboriginal people as borders or sacred places of cultural relevance. It is their relationship to the land, which has enabled Aboriginal people to survive; the land is the source of people’s resilience as they draw strength from their land. The traditional relationship and connections which Aboriginal people have with their Country relies on an extensive and detailed knowledge or their Dreaming about their homelands that has been handed down through the generations in that place and is an important component of their worldview. Not only is worldview founded on beliefs about Country as the source of all life, and emotional attachment to Country, but worldview also incorporates detailed ecological and spiritual knowledge. Now, in its modern identity, just because there are streets, roads and houses there is still the layers we walk on, the keepers of our Dreamings and history.


Artist Bio:

I am a Yaggera Aboriginal woman from the South East Queensland area known as Meeanjin (Brisbane).

I have mostly lived and worked up North in Townsville, as well as Aboriginal communities in the gulf and North-West regional communities in Queensland.

Now Healesville based since 2014, my work is from the heart!! I love creating works with the earth tones of our Country - depicting the colours of our flora and fauna. Inspiration is from my cultural background, as well as my passion for architecture – both natural and man-made.