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  • Tiarne Hall Tiarne Hall (Wiradjuri), Rings

Tiarne Hall (Wiradjuri), Rings

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earth pigment and synthetic polymer paint on linen, 2023


A silent sentinel to the passage of time and the profundity of human experiences. Deceptively simple, a series of circular lines, a cut scene of something infinite. Resembling the cross-section of a cut tree. Venturing closer, it is a journey through the concentric rings of life, time, and the depths of human emotion. The very inner rings of the circle, light and unmarred and uninterrupted, depicted the innocence of youth. A nod to the days when life was but a budding promise, unburdened by the weight of experience. The rings grow thicker and disorganised, each one etched with the scars of trials and tribulations. These lines speak of the struggles that have shaped me, moments of joy, and inevitable sorrows. Capturing the essence of life's unpredictable journey — births, losses, movement and growth. Some lines I have stained blue mixed with charcoal are jagged, turbulent, and darker. Representing the deepest grief and pain. I found solace in the reminder that, like the rings of a tree, life's experiences shape and define us, making us stronger and more resilient with each passing year. I was also inspired by Kintsugi, an ancient Japanese art of mending broken objects and ceramics with gold. The concept is that when you care for damage in a tender and impactful way, it can be used as an opportunity to grow and evolve.


Artist Bio:

Born and nurtured on Wiradjuri Country in Wagga Wagga. Presently, she resides and creates on Yorta Yorta Country. Immersed in a family of artists, including her two children, Tiarne carries forward a creative legacy that is deeply intertwined with her ancestral roots. In 2014, Tiarne joined Kaiela Arts. Under the guidance of Gamilaraay artist Uncle Eric Brown.

A self-taught contemporary artist, Tiarne's artistic expressions traverse a spectrum of mediums — painting, watercolour, drawing, and printmaking. Her artistry extends to larger canvases as well, with her hand bringing vibrant murals to life. Notable among these is a remarkable 12.5-meter "brain scan" mural, a kaleidoscope of colour and concept, which drew the attention of the ABC in a mini-documentary on January 26th, 2021. For Tiarne, art has always been a vessel for expressing her profound ties to the land and her family. Her pieces often carry undertones of feminism, politics, and tradition, merging seamlessly with topographical motifs that pay homage to her ancestral lineage. This stylistic synergy reflects a harmonious blend of contemporary innovation and the enduring linear artistry of her forebearers.

Tiarne's distinctive creations were selected for Design Roots 2 – "Lake" in 2018. Collaborating with Spacecraft Studios, her designs made their way onto fabric through the intricate process of screen printing. The momentum continued with Design Roots 3 – "Identity" in 2019, a selection that propelled her work to the Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair and the Country to Couture Fashion Show. Her designs were featured in the NGV and Vogue Australia. Tiarne also worked closely with other Kaiela artists to create “Yalka Lotjpa Nha”, a children’s Yorta Yorta language book.