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  • Mugul Fletcher Mugul Fletcher (Kamilaroi), Yarning Eternals

Mugul Fletcher (Kamilaroi), Yarning Eternals

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digitisied synthetic polymer paint printed on canvas, 2022


Though these Elder spirits lived individual lives and died individual deaths, they still exist as one universe. One being. They share their stories, jokingly debate the better hunters and talk about Philosophy... The ether dances into shapes, forms giving emphasis to their stories, captivating one another further. My favourite of the spirits once asked: “Why is it that the people on the TV when reporting Israelis being killed they’re said to be murdered, but when Palestinian children are being killed the TV reporting says thousands killed or dead? Could it be that if they were to Word it 'thousands of children murdered' that we may just see things from a different light?" I Believe in you.

Mugul Fletcher


Artist Bio:

A Kamilaroi boy raised proudly on Gumbanggir land, he left for Melbourne at 25 searching for something he thought he felt was missing.

I won't leave you in suspense by telling you he found it. There was a catch. (Always.) It was only found within a 16 month 'Quest'. Trademark curveball.