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  • Uncle Kevin Williams Uncle Kevin Williams (Waradjuri), Garma - Stormy Weather

Uncle Kevin Williams (Waradjuri), Garma - Stormy Weather

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synethic polymer paint on linen, 2023


This painting relates a lot to my Grandfather Thomas Johnson, a Waradjuri Clever Man who carved many canoes out of the trees at Gillenbah Forest on the Murrumbidgee River at Narrandera. Garma - Stormy Weather is of a time when he would use his canoe to go hunting for the Murray Cod amongst all types weather.


Artist Bio:

I am a Waradjuri Artist and I was born and raised on the Sandhill in Narrandera NSW and have been a working Artist for well over 40 years. I am an Internationally renowned Artist and have exhibited Locally, Nationally and Internationally. The influences to my Artwork are many and one which I consider to be the strongest influences in my work are our Waradjuri Markings.

These markings and symbols relate specifically to the Waradjuri and where l was born and raised as a child at Narrandera and Warangesda Mission at Darlington Point. Here my mother and my father lived in a tent on the Murrumbidgee River. In this area there was the largest Bora Ground that has ever been recorded. A Bora Ground is a traditional meeting place. At Darlington Point the Bora Ground consisted of two large circles, one 50 meters in diameter and the other 30 meters, and they were connected by a 500 meter pathway. Along this pathway there were ground carvings and 100 ornately carved trees with symbols, markings and the animals that are Totems of the Waradjuri.

It is these Bora Ground carvings and tree carvings that are now a strong part of my artwork today. These images are my connection to my Nguurrangbang (Waradjuri for My Land, My Country, My Place of Birth) and are part of what inspires me to paint. My inspiration comes from many things. Sometimes it will be the colors in a sunset or the unusual shape you will see in trees. I will sometimes paint a background and just allow the painting to develop on its own at its own pace. Or l will already see the painting in my head and put paint to canvas and paint.