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  • Uncle Colin Clark Uncle Colin Clark (Bakandji Ngiyampaa), The Warrior, The Shield & Nulla Nulla
  • Uncle Colin Clark Uncle Colin Clark (Bakandji Ngiyampaa), The Warrior, The Shield & Nulla Nulla

Uncle Colin Clark (Bakandji Ngiyampaa), The Warrior, The Shield & Nulla Nulla

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river red gum from Lake Victoria (Bakandji Country), synthetic polymer paint, twine, 2023


The Shield and Nulla Nulla represent the power of a Warrior. The Warrior is the protector, provider, carer and sharer of his people. This position is one that is earned, through demonstrating a deeper part of the circle of growth, learning to be respectful and humble, then you are ready. You can assist and love but you can’t overuse your power. The power maintains the balance, keeping it close, the balance of life. Leading by role modelling, representing your values, on our journey.


Artist Bio:

My name is Colin Roy Clark. I was born on the 2nd of February 1952 in a small town called Wilcannia N.S.W. I am a proud Bakandji and Ngiyampaa man. I grew up in Wilcannia with my family of 14 that consisted of 5 sisters and 9 brothers to which I am the second youngest. My growing up was not always easy as each one of my siblings and I had to do chores to help alleviate pressure from our parents within the household in some way or another. While at the time things may have been hard, I can look back and be grateful for all we had – growing up on Country, fishing, living off land, learning culture, life skills, respect, caring and sharing and so much more. This I believe has helped shape me into the person that I am today. There are many stories and journeys that I have experienced some that are good and some bad, however to write these all down is a job in itself.

My most notable achievements are many (without bragging). I was married twice, I have 4 children 3 sons and 1 daughter and this has led to 11 grandchildren, 5 grand girls and 6 grand boys. I have a very extensive list of expertise which includes dry cleaning, factory working, cordial maker, orange picking, stints on 2BH calling rugby league, a printer by trade, politics within land rights, land management, cultural surveys and currently I am a respected Elder of the youth justice within the Koori courts and also the resident Elder with Dardi Munwurro.

I get to sit across all programs within Dardi Munwurro. I also get to engage within community, which I believe is one of my core values, ensuring that I am giving back to community. As an Elder living here today I believe that this is one the highest accolades within the Aboriginal community the only one that is higher than this is our ancestors. I believe that I have earned this honor and blessing from my ancestors and fellow Elders.

I have been with Dardi Munwurro for 10 years. Their strong Spirit has continuously given me purpose.